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e2 Environments Engineered™ (e2) is taking a stand to design, supply and develop people-centric buildings guided by The e2 standard™ 

Better Business. Better Buildings. Better People.

​e2 covers the building supply chain from materials and manufacturing through to project design and delivery.

e2 is not just another Australian owned and operated company.

It's passionate about using Australian materials, bringing back manufacturing to support local economies and integrating with other Australian-made
 building systems.  

Partnering with industry leading experts and companies that are determined to support Australian industries and simply do better, e2 has established three main divison that target key stages of a built environments supply chain. 

"Our mission is to engineer safe, comfortable and healthy environments for everyone to live, work, learn and play."  David Morehouse, Managing and Technical Director at e2.

e2 Manufacture


​Better Australian Manufacturing.

The materials and manufacturing division providing better building materials and services.

  • Materials Research and Development
  • Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS)
  • Hydro-Dip Printing
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​Better Building Systems.

The r&d, design and supply division supplying better building systems.

  • Australian-made Timber, Aluminium and Steel Facades
  • Rapid-Construction Building Structures
  • Energy Capture and Generation
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e2 Systems
e2 Develop


Better Built Environemnts.

A project design, management and development division delivering better buildings.

  • Residential, Commercial, Recreational
  • Low Environmental Impact
  • High Energy Efficiency
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DMI is the way e2 gets things done better, quicker, safer and cost-effectively.

Design, Manufacture and Integrate (DMI) is a better method for continual local supply chain innovation.

Similar to Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA). 

DMI is a design and construction process that combines the manufacture of building components, such as wall systems and facades, in a safe, clean and efficient offsite environment, with onsite construction assembly.


  • Time savings throughout the whole project 
  • Minimised site impact and surrounding area 
  • Improved health, safety and productivity 
  • Upskills the workforce Improved sustainability 
  • Opportunities to reduce costs


​A better way to design.

Shifting from how we do it, to how we should do it. Pushing the envelope with different materials and techniques with the best result in mind.


​A better way to create.

Consistency, weather protection and millimetre precision combine to achieve the ultimate systems and building quality control, inside and out.


​A better way to build.

Reduce time, injury risks, local disturbances and more. Designed and manufactured systems that integrate onsite resulting in rapid construction

Your choice will literally impact people's lives. 

The importance of "healthy building" design has never been more crucial. 

People are spending an estimated 90% of their lives indoors, but most are unaware of the significant impact that "unhealthy buildings" are having on their bodies and minds. The current health and climate crisis along with Australia's build quality issues are amplifying the importance of healthy people-centric buildings. 
e2 is taking action to do better!
Benefits of Healthy Built Environments:
  • Built environments can significantly impact occupants physical and physiological well-being. 
  • Poor indoor air quality increases the risk of respiratory disease in children and adults by 50%. 
  • Nearly 15% of people are vitamin D deficient due to lack of sunlight, causing fatigue and poor mood. 
  • A study found a 101% increase in cognitive scores for workers in green, well-ventilated offices. 
  • Preventative health costs far exceed the costs of using better systems to create healthy buildings.

The e2 Standard

Better Buildings
Better Business
Better People
Better Buildings

Built environments, built better. 

  • Purpose engineered systems that outperform code. 
  • Sustainable and energy-efficient with local materials. 
  • Integrated monitoring and automation technologies. 
  • Design, Manufacture, Integrate (DMI) methodology. 
  • Rapid construction and mass customisation. 
Better Business

Businesses can do better, by doing better.

  • Save time, deliver more and increase ROI. 
  • Supporting Australian industries with localised supply chains. 
  • Less dependant on overseas imports. 
  • Improving quality control and logistics efficiencies.
Better People

People do better, when they feel better.

  • Comfortable and healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). 
  • Increased physical and mental wellbeing & improved productivity. 
  • Reduced costs associated with preventative health issues. 
  • People-centric built environments to live, work, learn and play in.

Who we've worked with.

e2 works with companies that share the same values and mission to do better and deliver to the e2 Standard™.