DMI is the way e2 gets things done better, quicker, safer and cost-effectively.

Design, Manufacture and Integrate (DMI) is a better method for continual local supply chain innovation.

Similar to Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA). 

DMI is a design and construction process that combines the manufacture of building components, such as wall systems and facades, in a safe, clean and efficient offsite environment, with onsite construction assembly.


  • Time savings throughout the whole project 
  • Minimised site impact and surrounding area 
  • Improved health, safety and productivity 
  • Upskills the workforce Improved sustainability 
  • Opportunities to reduce costs


​A better way to design.

Shifting from how we do it, to how we should do it. Pushing the envelope with different materials and techniques with the best result in mind.


​A better way to create.

Consistency, weather protection and millimetre precision combine to achieve the ultimate systems and building quality control, inside and out.


​A better way to build.

Reduce time, injury risks, local disturbances and more. Designed and manufactured systems that integrate onsite resulting in rapid construction