• Better Built Environments

    People-centric designs for our built and natural environments.

e2 Develop is a design and construction division delivering better built environments.

We have a people-centric approach to our building design thinking and engineering smarts. 

Teaming up with Australia's leading companies and industry experts that operate by the e2 Standard to achieve better outcomes on any project, from idea through to delivery across the public and private sectors.

What we do

Leveraging the insights and innovations from all e2 divisions and partners, projects gain benefits such as:

  • Delivered faster, safer and more cost-effective 
  • Less impact on the environment with the use of local and sustainable materials 
  • Reduced on-going building operating and maintenance costs 
Project Types
  • Low-mid rise commercial and residential
  • Social and affordable housing 
  • School and community infrastructure 
  • Sports and aquatic recreational facilities 
  • Multi-level mixed-use carparks


Balancing engineering smarts and design thinking with innovative building materials and systems to meet client briefs and exceed their expectations.


Projects that provide community benefits, reduce cost burdens for tenants and provide comfortable environments for occupants to live, work, and play.




Lets collaborate on your next project. 

The e2 Develop team and their partners are not only experts in their respective professions, but are forward-thinkers, passionate about sustainabilty and always stiving to do deliver better built environments. Let's chat to see how e2 Develop can add value to your project.