​Better Building Systems.

e2 Systems is an R&D, design and supply division supplying better building systems.

The design team works closely with e2 Manufacture to combined the most sustainable, quality and local materials with innovative design thinking to create purpose-engineered building facade systems that achieve:

  • Rapid Construction & Mass Customisation
  • High Performance & Cost Competitive with Imports
  • Australian Manufactured

Facade Systems
​A passion for better forces continual innovation.

Facade systems that contribute to healthy building environments and benefit everyone from the developer to the occupant. 

A range of high-performance systems that enable mass-customisation and rapid construction also includes the use of local sustainable materials and are manufactured by an Australian supply chain at competitive rates. 

Bespoke facade systems are on the rise to ensure high-performance, sustainability and Australian sourced targets are achieved. Our team thrive when it comes to bespoke facades, so get in touch with your specifications to see how they can assist.

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  • Window Wall and Curtain Wall 
  • Fixed and Operable Windows 
  • Hinged and Sliding Doors 
  • Glazed, Spandrel and Clad Panels 
  • Aluminium, Timber and Light-gauged steel 
  • Stick, Unitised and Mega-panel systems 
  • Residential, Commercial and Recreation
​A better aluminium system

A thermally broken aluminium facade system with an expansive range for any building type looking for high-performance outcomes.

Performance Values

  • Thermal Ratings (Uw) = 1.8-3.4 
  • Solar Heat Gain (SHGC) = 0.25-0.64 
  • Transmitted Visible Light (Tvw) = 0.34-0.70 
  • Acoustic (Rw) = 30-46 
  • Window to Wall Ratio of up to 80%
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​A better timber-aluminium system

A hybrid timber-aluminium, thermally broken facade system using sustainably sourced Australian timbers and aluminium profiles.

Performance Values

  • Thermal Ratings (Uw) = 1.8-3.4 
  • Solar Heat Gain (SHGC) = 0.25-0.64 
  • Transmitted Visible Light (Tvw) = 0.34-0.70 
  • Acoustic (Rw) = 30-46 
  • Window to Wall Ratio of up to 80%
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​A better steel system

A patent-pending, light-gauge steel facade system that is thermally broken and structurally integrates windows and doors.

Performance Values


Hint: They are better than the others.

Partner Systems

Complimentary building systems that are positive force multipliers. 

Partnering with Australian companies that share the same e2 Standard for better. 

These integrated systems provide health, finance and strategic benefits by:

  • Grouping system costs and benefits 
  • Gaining access to projects unattainable alone
  • Increased benefits for owners and occupants

Get in touch about your project to see how e2 and our partner systems can assist. 
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Building Structures

Rapid, mass-customised and prefabricated structural systems using steel and mass timber providing superior outcomes.

Energy Solutions

Reduce costs and generate income with energy capture and generation systems such as solar panels, batteries, microgrids and geothermal. Download Brochure

Service POD's 

Improved quality control, endless finishing options and fast installation with prefabricated bathroom and kitchen PODs.


Heating, cooling and ventilation systems for improved air quality by managing humidity, condensation, pollutants and airflow.

Monitoring & Automation

Time, health and money can be saved by implementing the right systems from the design stage through to occupation.

More to come

If other systems meet the e2 standard and Design, Manufacture, Integrate (DMI) methodology, we will find and support them.

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Experience the range of e2 Systems without a site visit with our 360 VR Virtual Showroom! 

e2 are continually experimenting and adopting the latest processes and technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of their client's projects. 

Work with e2 to future proof your project and know that only the best will go into taking it from a virtual reality to real world reality.   

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Australian Materials

"It's encouraging to work with a team that is passionate about including Australian timber into their building systems."

Daniel Wright | Director at ASH