• The BetterBuilt™ Advantage

    “Building homes with the BetterBuilt™ system isn’t new, it’s better.”

More details coming soon.

e2 Systems are about to introduce solutions that have been tried and tested over 40+ years and require a fraction of timber and steel compared to traditional systems.

These "all-in-one" wall, roof and cladding solutions include structural and non-structural framing, weather-proofing, insulation and mass-customised interior and exterior finishes. 

Some of the benefits compared to traditional timber and steel systems include: 
  • Cost comparable to pre-covid prices
  • Higher thermal and acoustic performance
  • Achieve lockup in half the time 
  • Less skilled labour and trades 
  • More sustainable during building and living 
  • Fully engineered and CodeMark accredited
  • Manufacturing partners throughout Australia