A better aluminium system.

Australian Made

Support an Australian supply chain by specifying a system that is locally manufactured and fabricated from raw materials, not just assembled imports... 

Thermal Break

Thermal break facade systems are proven to be energy efficient and positively impact people's physical and mental health whilst in the built environment.

Cost Competitive with Imports

The right partners, efficient processes and better business  means that Australia can manufacture facade systems that result in a win-win for everyone.


Offsite manufacturing increases quality control and decreases construction delays, while unitised and mega-panel configurations enable rapid construction. 

Why choose e2alu™

Thermally-broken aluminium window and door facade systems will soon become the new Australian standard in both cold and warm climates due to their energy efficiency and associated physical and mental health benefits.

e2alu™ System Highlights
  • Exceeds NCC2019 code changes
  • Cost competitive with comparable systems
  • Improve thermal and acoustic performance
  • 100mm & 150mm front glazed pockets
  • Partially or fully fabricated ready for install
  • Mill, anodised, powder-coated or hydro printed finishes
  • Compatible with most hardware
  • Integratable e2tim™ fixed windows

Thermal-break systems that save money and lives.

As much as 49% of the heat lost during winter and as much as 87% of the heat gained during summer can come from the windows.

A must see to believe how poorly common standard systems compare to thermal-break systems.

Windows and Doors

The e2alu™ system range is purposely engineered to be high-performing and cost-effective to reach mass adoption to support our mission of achieving healthy people-centric buildings.

e2alu™ System Range
  • Fixed and Operable Windows
  • Sliding and Hinged Doors
  • Glazed, Spandrell and Clad Infills
  • Stick, Unitised and Mega-panel
  • Window Wall and Curtain Wall 
Performance Values

  • Thermal Ratings (Uw) = 1.8-3.4
  • Solar Heat Gain (SHGC) = 0.25-0.64
  • Transmitted Visible Light (Tvw) = 0.34-0.70
  • Acoustic (Rw) = 30-46
  • Window to Wall Ratio of up to 80%

e2alu™ | Windows

  • 30mm Glazing Pocket
  • 100mm and 150mm Front Glazed Frame
    • Top Hinged Awning Sash
    • Side Hung Casement Sash
    • Parallel Opener Window 
    • 2 track Sliding Window
    • 3 track Sliding Window (150mm only)
    • Glazed, Spandrel and Clad Infills

e2alu™ | Doors

  • 30mm Glazing Pocket
  • 110mm Wide Stile Hinged Door
  • 100mm 2 track Sliding Doors
  • 150mm 3 track Sliding Doors
  • Glazed, Spandrel and Clad Infills 

Unitised & Mega Panels 
Prefabricated Configurations

A better way to manufacture and install facades.

Unitised and Mega-panel configurations as either Curtain or Window Wall, provide additional benefits to the mass-customisation and local manufacturing achieved by the e2alu system, such as:

Rapid Contruction

Rapid construction not only saves time and money but increases safety and decreases local business and traffic disruptions.

Offsite Manufacturing

Offsite manufacturing (prefabrication) greatly increases quality control and decreases delivery delays due to weather or other trades.

Horizontal & Vertical Spans

Horizontal or Vertical spans of typically 3x3m - 3x6m that can cover two floors resulting in faster floor lockup and safety barrier for the floor above.


Featured System
​Parallel Opener

A better way to naturally ventilate buildings.

Parallel opening windows allow airflow around the full perimeter of the window, resulting in highly efficient natural ventilation while greatly reducing draughts.

Benefits over other operable windows include:

  • Approx. twice the ventilation of an equivalent sized top hung window*.
  • Fewer operable windows to meet natural ventilation requirements
  • High-performance with Uw/SHGC values down to 2.8/2.5.
  • Minimises draughts and improve air circulation with fresh air drawn in at the bottom and stale air expelled at the top.
  • Keep CO2 levels low in important built environments such as offices, schools, hotels and aged care.
  • Manual or automated operations can be physically opened or linked to Building Management Systems for ultimate efficiency.

*A case study based on a typical classroom reported: 

  • Free airflow of 560 litres/sec for parallel opening windows compared to 290 litres/sec for top hung windows of equivalent size.
  • Air changes as 10.9 per hour for the parallel window design compared to 5.7 for the equivalent sized top hung windows.

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"The e2alu™ system range is purposely engineered to be high-performing and cost-effective to achieve mass adoption to support our mission of providing healthy people-centric buildings."