An innovative printing process to achieve endless finishes of any water resistant parts and products used in the building industry. 

Hydro dipping, also known as water transfer printing is a method of applying a printed graphic (hydrographic) or paint (hydropaint) to almost and three-dimensional surfaces.

Commonly used in the automotive industry and on consumer goods, e2 are specialists in dipping building supplies such as: 

  • Window and Doors frames, tracks handles
  • Bathroom sinks, toilets, and taps 
  • Benches, splash backs and wall panels

Transform a buildings fit-out with products that either blend in better or make a statement.

Compatible Surfaces

  • Metal and Wood
  • Plastic and Rubber
  • Stone and Ceramic

Finishing Options

  • Graphics include images, textures and material looks like marble
  • Paints include metallics, pearls and solids

General Benefits

  • Applicable to any hard surface that is water resistant
  • Unlimited films and paints available
  • UV resistant and durable to all environments
  • High-resolution image transfer and colour accuracy
  • Colour and texture matching to existing or desired finish 

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