Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS)

Increase business capabilities without taking on the financial and operational risks associated with inconsistent workloads and scaling manufacturing up or down. The end of hiring and firing per job.

Flexibility in choosing to integrate one or all services where the business most needs support. Utilise the services to fully replace internal activities or use as overflow support to take on larger jobs.

The goal is to provide support to businesses that need it, so they can focus on key business activities by leveraging shared industry resources to create a more efficient and quality supply chain.

What we can do


Managing existing suppliers and searching for new ones while ensuring orders are placed and received in time. 


Capable of any fabrication requirements with most materials such as steel, aluminium, timber and glass.


Customised assembly lines to maximise efficiency, reduce costs and maintain quality.


Global delivery partners that can handle anything big or small, on time every time.

"Integrating a Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS) model into your business may seem like a new concept, but it's more common than you might think."

Similar to Amazon, who handles the storage, handling and logistics for millions of online businesses so they can focus on key activities such as sales, customer service and product quality.

The e2 MaaS model can handle a businesses Procurement, Fabrication, Assembly and Delivery of most building systems so they can focus on sales, customer service and install.
MaaS is focused on supporting the Australian building construction sector. Let's discuss your manufacturing needs. 
Low Light Awning totals 11 joints . Sash 5 + Mainframe 6.

Case Study: MaaS for Windows and Doors 

No more "per sqm" pricing to fabricate your windows and doors.

Introducing "Joint Costing", a simplified and fair pricing model which means it doesn't matter if a 4 joint panel is 2sqm or 4sqm, the cost is only for 4 joints.

Think about how much that will save over a whole job!

If you're a fabricator or supplier of windows and doors, MaaS can assist with simple overflow support or more integrated manufacturing support. 

Bringing back local manufacturing. 

"We're excited to continue developing innovative products and ultimately bringing more local content and capabilities into Australia."

Stephen Smith | General Manager at Exel Composites