• Better Australian Manufacturing

    Providing better building materials and services.

​e2 Manufacture is a materials and manufacturing division providing better building materials and services.

Besides supporting the Systems division with the procurement and manufacturing of facade and other building systems, Manufacture also works with other companies in the building construction sector.


Materials Research & Development

Sourcing and creating better materials that are fundamental to developing higher quality and performing building products while lowering the environmental impact.

Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS)

A better way for businesses in the building industry to access professional and scalable procurement, fabrication, assembly and delivery services in Australia.

Hydro Printing

An innovative water transfer printing process applies endless finishes such as marble, timber and custom designs to any water-resistant 2D and 3D part or product.

Bringing back local manufacturing. 

"We're excited to continue developing innovative products and ultimately bringing more local content and capabilities into Australia."

Stephen Smith | General Manager at Exel Composites